NeMo on Xavier AGX

Anyone had success installing Nemo on the Xavier AGX?

I try to install NeMo on Xavier AGX by running “./” as instructed in the README, but it fails on package “tokenizers”:

error: build failed
  cargo rustc --lib --manifest-path Cargo.toml --features pyo3/extension-module pyo3/python3 --release --verbose -- --crate-type cdylib
  error: cargo failed with code: 101
  ERROR: Failed building wheel for tokenizers
Failed to build tokenizers
ERROR: Could not build wheels for tokenizers which use PEP 517 and cannot be installed directly

Tokenizers is written in Rust language, “cargo” seems to be a Rust build tool(?)

Any hints how to resolve this issue? (I don’t want to use the NeMo-Docker as I want to experiment with the “fastspeech” branch of NeMo-TTS)
Thanks in advance.

I hadn’t tried this exactly, but needed to install tokenizers package for something else. Anyways, I got the rust compiler installed like this:

$ curl -sSf | sh
$ pip3 install setuptools_rust

I had outdated Rust/Cargo version (installed by apt-get). After removing old version and running rustup it now works fine. Thanks.