Neo compiled custom models on TX2

Hi Team,

We have configured Jetson TX2 with Jetpack4.6 and tried to deploy neo compiled Tx2 target based yolo model into it. But, it failed load due to DLR error.

cannot open dlr:

As per the below url, AWS DLR is supported till jetpack 4.5. Wanted to check on the same.


Have you checked this with the DLR team?

Since the is a third-party library, you can get more info from the library provider directly.


Yes, raised an issue with them, but I doubt in getting quick response. Is there any way to get this information. As per the shared github link, DLR is supported till jetpack4.5 only.


Sorry that you will need to check with the DLR team to see if their software is compatible with the newer release.

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