.NET C++ and CUDA on VS2010 how to

Dear all,

I’m totally new in CUDA programming i’ve been working on it for a few weeks, running the SDK examples.

I would like to let interoperate a GUI Windows Form application developed on VS2010 professional in .NET c++ with cuda.

I was able to compile and run a c++ project together with a HelloWorldCuda project by following Ade Miller forum at My link
and i tried to do more or less the same steps to let the cuda work together with the .NET Win Form project by using the cuda project as a library, but so far no luck, (problems to let the CLI code interoperate with native C code).

I’ve been googling a lot and i found a few options like gpu.net,cuda.net, Cudafy and Gass.net ,but still i did not succeed to let the GUI Windows Form .NET c++ project work with even a simple HelloWorldCuda project.

Is there any tutorial or solution to do it?

Thanks in advance to all of you.