Network Bridging, Orin AGX with PCIe Network Adapter

I have an Orin AGX on a stock Nvidia developer kit that has been flashed with JetPack 5.1 using the Nvidia SDK Manager.

I’m trying to bridge a single board computer with two Orin AGXs with PCIe network adapters to create a single LAN. I am using a “TP-Link TG-3468 Gigabit Ethernet PCI Express” in the PCIe slot of the Orin developer kit.

For clarification, my network configuration is as follows:
single board computer > (ethernet) > Orin AGX #1 (eth0),
Orin AGX #1 (eth1 ~PCIe~) > (ethernet) > Orin AGX #2 (eth0)

I can create a non-persistent bridge by bridging the interfaces through the command line. When I try bridging eth0 and eth1 on Orin #1 in /etc/network/interfaces to persist through startup, I lose both eth0, eth1 and no bridge is made. This method worked for me on the Xavier NX kits on Ubuntu 18, but now we are using Ubuntu 20.

It looks like Ubuntu 20.04 doesn’t support /etc/network/interfaces and it is suggested that I use netplan. However, I couldn’t find /etc/netplan, /run/netplan, or /lib/netplan. How do I create a persistent bridge on the Orin AGX developer kit on Ubuntu 20.04?

SOLVED: If anyone is having a similar issue, I’d suggest using nmtui to create the bridge. Add the two devices as bridge slaves, in this case eth0 and eth1, then delete the ‘Wire connection 1/2’ that they are associated with. Reboot the bridge computer and the changes should take effect.

I am still curious about what happened to the netplan directories. Were they removed?

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