Network card disconnected when i create a VM from a Template

Dear all,

I have one ESXi 6.5 Power Edge r740 with one Nvidia Tesla M10 for virtualize pools of desktop.
The problem is that when cloning a VM of a template it appears without a network card and when i edit this template and disconnect de Nvidia card, the network card is connected again (after clone the VM from the template again). I use sysprep on this proccess for attach the VM to my domain with DHCP.
I Try with VMXNET 3 and with E1000 adapters with the same result.
My vcenter version is 6.7.0 and i try installing a new vcenter with 6.5 with the same result too.

I need the network card connected because when i deploy the Template in horizon the VM appears with error because they havent one network card.

Thanks for reading me and for your help.