Network card order change

I am using jetpack 5.1.2 and it is a development kit. When I power on, the network card eth0 will be displayed, and when I plug in the USB network card, eth1 will appear. But when I power on while keeping the USB network card plugged in, the USB network card is eth0, this Does the configuration need to be modified somewhere? I don’t want the USB network card I inserted to be eth0 when it was powered on. I checked the udev configuration and couldn’t find where the network card number was enumerated.

I don’t know what the exact edit is, but you are looking at the right tool. This is what udev is for. USB itself numbers based on enumeration order, and only after that would a udev rule run. Normally there is no udev rule for device enumeration order, it uses “what it sees is what it sets”. When a NIC does use a udev rule it goes by MAC address.

I saw this, and likely it is correct (and MAC is the serial):

That last URL was from someone working with a VM, but the information doesn’t care about it being a VM.

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