Network configuration for Conti ARS430

Hi guys,

I have a problem about connecting Conti 430 radar sensor with AGX.

I checked the sensor on host in wireshark: The sensor has the IP (Source), Destination and use 31122 port.

The eth0:900 which I used from AGX connect with Conti 430 has the IP

My question: How could I config the route table in AGX to receive the data from the radar sensor due sample_radar_record application?

Many thanks!

Please provide the following info:
**Hardware Platform: ** DRIVE AGX Xavier™ Developer Kit, DRIVE AGX
Software Version: DriveWorks 10
Host Machine Version: Ubuntu 18.04

Did you check the settings provided in radar replay sample?

I used ./use/local/driveworks/bin/sample_radar_replay —protocal=radar.socket —params=ip=,port=31122,mutiboard-cast=

It cannot work because the sensor and the vlan eth0:900 are not in the same subnets. I‘m looking for a solution for the adaption of agx vlan config.

The setting mentioned in radar replay not worked for you? can you share the sample_radar_replay complete log

Dear @SivaRamaKrishnaNV,

thanks for your reply.
I configured the eth0 and radar network connection in the right way and can get the sensor connected with AGX. :)

How ever the sample_radar_replay can’t decode the udp package, which sent from the ARS430. :(

./sample_radar_replay --protocol=radar.socket --params=device=CONTINENTAL_ARS430,ip=,port=31122,multicast-ip=
the program finished running immediately with output no data

./sample_radar_replay --protocol=radar.socket --params=device=CONTINENTAL_ARS430_RDI,ip=,port=31122,multicast-ip=
the gui pop up and show the coordinate of sensor but without any detected point. The UTC timestamp and counter are increasing.

My guess is the ARS430 which we are using, provides a different udp package, what AGX expects. Could please tell me, the firmware version of ARS430 sensor which you are official using in DriveWorks 10 in AGX?

Another question: how could I set the log level of the sample_radar_replay to INFO?

Many thanks!

The supported RADAR sensor is listed at .
Also, I see multicast-ip= for CONTINENTAL_ARS430 in sample_radar_replay documentation . Could you check with that?

how could I set the log level of the sample_radar_replay?

You can use dwLogger_setLogLevel() to change log level

Hey @SivaRamaKrishnaNV,

finally I figured out the reason. :) Why the radar detected points couldn’t be show up in the sample_radar_replay.
The issue is: The DW 10 doesn’t support the ARS 430 with the firmware 3.0.0. The RDI interface of Radar can’t be decoded DW.

The ip and multicast-ip do depend on the firmware of sensor. So that is the reason why I have to start the program with a different ip and multi-cast ip compare to the sample code.

Is that possible, by any change you could provide me the firmware version of ARS 430 radar which you are using in DW 10? If you start the sample_radar_replay the information will be displayed in the gui like “firmware: .., bootloader: ..”,
That will be very helpful! We could take this info and connect to the Conti to flash the sensor using the suitable firmware version.


I reorganized I could write a radar decoder plugin by myself to parser the rader output. I find the API description in the doc as well. But the API doc describes very high level and unclear. Could you provide a sample project of radar sensor decoder as kickoff-helper? :)

DRIVE SW 10.o does not have radar plugin sample. The custom radar section is Advanced tutorials points to set of APIs that needs to be implemented by user to integerate them with DW. You can check other sensors plugin code as a reference.

By any change you could provide me the firmware version of ARS 430 radar which you are using in DW 10?

We used 2.0.1 firmware version in testing.

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@SivaRamaKrishnaNV u r the hero and saved my day. :) Many thanks!

Did you check changing the firmware version? Any update can be provided here to move forward?


not yet. We asked the supplier to help us downgrade the firmware and response is still on pending. It will take some time to finish it. x)

Parallelly I’m writing a sensor plugin for the ARS 430 RDI V2. Hopefully I could faster than the supplier.

I know that Drive Software 11 will support the SOME/IP get the RDI V2 runnable. Do you have any idea when will 11 be released? Would be possible to get a pre-release test version? :O)

Yes. next relase would support RDI V2. The next release date is not fixed to communicate via public forum. I would suggest to check writing a plugin meanwhile if possible.If you want early access, please contact your local NVIDIA representative?

alright. :)
Thanks for your help!

Dear, did you succeed in writing the plugin for the ARS430 ver3.0 as we face the same problem at our end. Any hints/tips in this direction will help us a lot!

@SivaRamaKrishnaNV Which example sensor plugin code is available in DW. We couldn’t find anything nearer to Radar/Lidar.

Hi and @prasanna.kannan,

Please check below updated information in DRIVE Ecosystem Hardware and Software Components page.

DRIVE OS 5.2.0 and DriveWorks 3.5 is available on NVIDIA DRIVE Downloads page. You may want to try the sensor on it. Thanks!

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Hi @prasanna.kannan , I highly recommend as @VickNv mentioned to use the newest DW 3.5 and DOS 5.2.0. The 430 v3.0 is native supported. Anyway try to write a plugin to parse the SOMP-IP protocol, which 430 v3.0 is using, is not easy. Beside the parse plugin, you have to config the network interface on AGX to put the sensor and AGX in the same subnet. I have no luck get it run. xD