network install

I think that network install is poorly documented at best…
I have installed PGI Server 7.2-3 as a network install in /opt/pgi
When I try to run makelocalrc in the nodes get:
makelocalrc -x /opt/pgi/linux86/7.2-3 -net /usr/pgi/7.2-3/share_objects
/opt/pgi/linux86/7.2-3/bin is not writable
makelocalrc -x /opt/pgi/linux86-64/7.2-3 -net /usr/pgi/7.2-3/share_objects
/opt/pgi/linux86-64/7.2-3/bin is not writable

/opt/pgi is exported via NFS from the server /etc/exports)
/opt/pgi *(rw,sync,no_root_squash)

and mounted on the remote node (/etc/fstab) (where ml350 is the server)
ml350:/opt/pgi /opt/pgi nfs hard,rw,intr,rsize=8192,wsize=8192 0 0

So, the question is: What is the proper way of setting up a network installation?

Thanks for your help,

F.J. Modrego

At the end of the installation, when ask:

Do you want the files in the install directory to be read-only? [y,n]

What did you answer? If your answer is yes, it will set permission to be read-only.


I answered n (no). I have just checked again just in case I did a mistake but the problem persists…
F.J. Modrego

This perhaps have something to do with how your NFS is done. You can try if your NFS works correctly by creating some directory on the machine you install and check if you can write to that same directory with the same directory name on another machine(the one you try to run makelocalrc). If that does not work, then it is NFS.

I will ask your IT here to look if he has any recommendation.


Definitely it is an NFS issue but I cant understand what is going on. A bit of “googling” show that it is a somewhat common problem but I have still to find the solution…Any help will be wellcome

F.J. Modrego

Have you checked the permissions on ml350:/opt/pgi/ ? I followed your procedure and did not get any errors so I think your NFS setup is acceptable.

What user are you when you are running the makelocalrc script?

If root, then root probably cannot write to the installation directory since it is an NFS mount.

If not root, then the directory probably doesn’t have the correct permissions that will allow the non-superuser account to write to the directory.