Network Interface Renaming between MOFED and MODEF 5.4

Installing MOFED renames interfaces from eth0/eth1 to enp1s0f0 and enp1s0f1. However, when using MOFED 5.4 it renames the same interfaces to enp1s0f1np0 and enp1s0f1np1. Why this change, and is there a way for me to control that?

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As of MLNX_OFED 5.4, the following customer affected changes were made →

udev Rules:

As of version 5.4, the driver is set so that udev rules will change the names of network interfaces created from NVIDIA adapters.

The udev rules are shipped to "


and may be overridden by placing a file with the same name in "





You can find more information regarding to persistent naming through the following link →

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Perfect answer with one exception Martijn. I’m wondering how to restore the previous naming convention for the purposes of consistency in the cluster for people attempting or have been utilizing the previous naming convention as a part of the OMPI command lines?