Network Issue: Jetson TX2 cannot connect to slave microprocessors through LAN with static IP address


We have two TX2s and we try to get network connection with many microprocessors with static IPs.
However It doesn’t work even I setup the correct static address for TX2s.

We use wired connection.

We cannot do it on the TX2 with l4tbr0 bridge (can anyone tell me how to uninstall the bridge?) because the network address sticks to whatever I change the network configuration.

And for another TX2 with no docker0 and l4tbr0 bridge, When I assign correct IP address(e.g. when I type


it can return correct ip address but only TX packs and 0 RX packs. When ping other devices(microprocessors, e.g.,
it gives me like news of destination unreachable.

And I’m 100% sure there is no problem of microprocessors, and I did the LAN connection work when I’m using my own ubuntu PC, and my own ubuntu notePC, and using my Raspberry Pi 3 with ubuntu mate, even among the microprocessors. They all works with just setting the static IP by using networkmanager GUI.

I’m using the purest system for Jetson (one is factory setting, one I install it by using Jetpack)
I’m very confused about that.

I suspect that

Something has changed in the system for Jetson, that I don’t know but related with the LAN static IP address problem; it includes l4tbr0 bridge but It doesn’t work even I use the TX2 without the bridge.

To enable some features of Jetson they used different network protocol from the original ubuntu releases.

Thank you in advance,

UPDATE: This problem doesn’t appear when we use an USB LAN Adapter, but why?

USB devices are hot plug and may trigger some setup which does not occur with fixed devices.

When not using the USB device, what do you see from these commands (both on the Jetson and the PC):


Is this entirely wired ethernet? Wired is much simpler than WiFi. WiFi (via NetworkManager) may actually get in the way of wired.

Are both being assigned an address from the same router? Is the Linux host acting as a router?