Network problems two nics one using usb c other using ethernet port Jetson AGX

Hi, I have one problem with the Jetson AGX using two nics one local and the other for the internet, one is using a USB-c to ethernet converter for internet connection, and the other using the native ethernet port for a local network. The problem is that when I reboot the jetson it lose connection until I connect and reconnect the USB C and one thing that worked is connect a USB device to the USB C flashing port

Some recommendations for the correction of this issue

It sounds more like a problem with the USB device perhaps requiring a power cycle to trigger a re-detection or re-initialization?

What does “lsusb” say about the device before rebooting, and after?
What does “dmesh” and the udev logs say about the device after rebooting?
Can you disable and re-enable the device with “ifconfig” or a similar tool?

Thanks, I will check these two options that you comment or have information about best practice to config two interfaces one using USB-C and other the local port

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