NEVNC HEVC "Highest Performance" Settings

I’m trying to achieve something close to the FPS benchmarks for HEVC 4K 10 bit listed on slide 46 here:

I’m curious what the “highest performance” settings are, or which have the largest impact in terms of FFmpeg codec options, or NVENC params.

I’ve been able to hit the advertised benchmarks for most of the H264 slides, but not HEVC.

The performance numbers of various presets and rate control modes are illustrated in the NVENC application note. Please refer to Table 4.

Please provide the following information:

  1. Your FFMPEG command line and/or NVENCODEAPI settings you are using?
  2. Are you using the high performance preset and single pass Rate control mode w/o any other encode features? Please note that this setting provides the highest performance.
  3. Are you using any other additional encode feature exposed in NVENCODEAPI?
  4. Please also let us know the SDK version and driver version you are using.
  5. Please also check the performance you are getting using \Samples\AppEncode\AppEncPerf.

We just double checked with the internal performance numbers for HEVC, they are not different from what is published in the slides.

Ryan Park