New 270.41.06 drivers GTX590 support, two new CUDA tweaks

New Linux drivers were just released.

These add official support for the GTX590.

But two other very interesting points from the feature list:

These look very interesting indeed, especially the new “interactive” flag. I think we can FINALLY disable the kernel watchdog if we want to. That may not always be a good idea, but at least we have the power.

I’m installing these over the weekend… should be interesting.

Can anyone confirm what CUDA version and what OpenCL version is supported in these drivers?

When I compile and run the OpenCL device query in the GPU Computing SDK code examples after installing the 270.41.06 driver, it prints:

OpenCL SW Info:



 OpenCL SDK Revision: 	7027912


These 270.41.06 drivers handle video better than the 260.19.40 but not solidly as the 260.19.36 drivers. Basically the X display isn’t handling video overlays properly so you get ghostthrough and strange window fills.

However, for CUDA, the new 270.41.06 drivers are working fine. The GTX590 is recognized and seems to return to idle clocks properly.

I’m interested in this as well. I’ve been running some distributed projects (SETI on the GPU and Rosetta on the CPU) and found that the CPU tasks tend to starve the GPU tasks. I wonder if the interactive flag will have any impact on that.