New 3700m Workstation "CUDA Processor" questions

This week Nvidia announced the new 3700m workstation GPU. The press releases focus on the CUDA power of these GPUs more than the graphics, since the target market is workstation users.

Notably absent from the press release and the Nvidia product page is actual disclosure of the CUDA capabilities! 1.0 GB RAM (yes!) 128 cores. 75 watts. DisplayPort.


  1. What’s the CUDA Compute Capability level? Is this a G200 based 1.3?

A release of the expected double-less capability 1.2 core?

Or is this just a G92 core with only 1.1?

  1. Shader clock?

  2. Output bit depth? With DisplayPort, perhaps 10 bit color?

I am guessing the Compute Capability is still only 1.1, and this is just a G92 part. It’d be interesting if it were a 55nm variant, like the 9800gtx+ update.

I think this is a G92b-based part (55nm G92). So, it’s Compute 1.1 still.