New AGX Orin cannot boot into recovery mode for flashing

We bought two new AGX Orin prod P3701 900-13701-0040-000 modules and the third-party compatible carrier board Auvidea X230D 38522-2 When we try to firmware it, the carrier board is unable to put the AGX Orin into recovery mode for a long time.
We have connected USB 2.0 and powered on the carrier board with the CPU, and the red LED lights up. In the USB devices, we can see Nvidia only for 1-2 seconds.
The SDK manager displays the message “Could not detect a board.”

Could the problem be with the Orin modules?
We suspect that the issue lies with the carrier board because both Orin modules are the same.
Thank You!

That seems to be carrier board issue, please contact with Auvidea to get the support. Thanks

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