New april 2018 Cuda and Nvidia drivers for osx 10.13.4 prevent all applications to launch ! Urgent ... (Solved)

Urgent Help needed please !

I’m using a Nvidia 1080ti as an EGPU in an Akitio node on a mack book pro early 2011
this to run Octane render in cinema 4d, Daz studio with iray and accelerate after effect.

All these were working fine until last update of the CUDA Driver 387.178
and GPU Driver 387. for mac os 10.13.4 (17E199)

Since the update of Cuda and Nvida driver :

  • Cinema 4D with octane won’t launch.
  • Daz studio iray won’t launch.
  • Adobe after effects won’t launch.
  • Adobe premiere won’t launch.

It appears so that all applications using nvidia and cuda won’t work anymore.

I already adressed Maxon, Adobe, Daz Studio and Otoy teams
who all say the newest drivers of Cuda and Nvidia are responsable for the problem.
(and actually I changed nothing on my computer besides the Nvidia and Cuda Driver before the problems occured).

Is there a new version on the way to fix this problem anytime soon ?
Can a developper help me to solve it before the next official release ? (even through beta testing ?)

This is a serious trouble for us as we cannot use any of our applications in coordination with our Nvidia 1080ti anymore !!!

Richard Marazano

Hi Richard,

Currently, NVIDIA does not provide EGPU support for Mac OS.

Ryan Park

HI Ryan
but still the previous version was working fine…
and it is only the new update which prevents all the apps to start…
Surely something could be done about this ?