New Audio2Emotion: Neutral Face

The new Audio2Emotion is awesome!
The neutral face, however, falls short of being really neutral. The blinking will stop if I decrease the effect/influence of the Higher Face. For a neutral position, the neutral face’s brows and forehead are overly constricted.
I’ve tested it on Unreal 4.27 MetaHuman, Sequencer.

Hi @pinkpanzer1000 thanks for the feedback.

The neutral emotion in A2F reflects the neutral speech that the actor performed, so that it can generate a natural speech animation.
Do you want the upper face stays without expression, but only eyes blink?
Perhaps you want to try settings like this?


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I’ve tried it, but the blink system stops after tweaking Upper Face Strength, even in the maximum Blink Strength. So I have to solve it in a third-party program.