New Compiler error with include paths with Nsight Visual Studio 1.5

I got tadp-2.0r8 and installed the Nsight Visual Studio 1.5 plug in only. Unfortunately, now my projects won’t compile because of brand new include path errors. For example:
4>C:\infinitap\nightmare\trunk\src\external\glew\src\glew.c(32,21): fatal error : GL/glew.h: No such file or directory
4> #include <GL/glew.h>
4> ^

I downgraded to the 1.4 plug in, and my project started working correctly. Do I need to install the full TADP in order to get the 1.5 plug in working? Or is this a bug with 1.5?



Hi Matt,

Installing the full TADP is usually preferable, but in this case it shouldn’t affect the issue you’re facing. Yes, we do have changed how some things work, but we made it to behave more like ndk-build does, to increase the compatibility between the two build systems. It’s possible that we’ve introduced a couple of bugs in the process, though.

Could you please send us a repro sample for your issue by any chance? We are always happy to help by either fixing our tool or pointing you at what should be changed to make your code work with the new version. You can write me a private message here on forums or email me directly at and I’ll provide you with the secure FTP access for uploading the sample.