New crypto-oriented instructions in AMD Vega

I know this is not CUDA programming but it’s interesting to see what they’re up to.

XAD_U32… what does it actually do?

the other instructions are labelled addressing or video processing.

I think the six on the right can all be used in crypto; AND_OR_B32 and OR3_B32 are just shittier versions of Maxwell’s LOP3 for example. I don’t know why they’re labelled like this.

Based on the names: LSHL_ADD_U32 is presumably the equivalent of ISCADD, and ADD3_U32 the equivalent of IADD3 on NVIDIA GPUs. LSHL_OR_B32 and ADD_LSHL_U32 don’t seem to have any equivalent versions in NVIDIA hardware, but based on my memories of working on bit-twiddling code, I would expect them to have minor significance in general.