New cuda laptop workstation

I dont know if you guys have seen this thought you may be interested.…&p=440#p440

If it’s a workstation then why did they use the old FX 3800M GPU and not the superior new 40nm mobile GPUs which use GDDR5 and compute 1.2 (not 1.1)? I’d rather have the (consumer) GTS 260m GPU than the FX 3800M. Better yet, two of them.

thats a good question and I wish I could answer it but I can not. I know tons about hardware on the gaming end but allot less in this area but i am slowly learning. I just thought being that I have seen a few questions in the past about cudda and laptops that someone might be interested in seeing this.

Could you be more specific about exactly which new mobile GPUs are CC 1.2? As mentioned in this other thread, CC numbers are very hard to find for new GPUs (until GPU get listed in the programming guide…)