New CUDA on WSL2 driver 560.06 is now live!

We took our CUDA on WSL driver outside of the sign-wall. So you are now able to access the CUDA on WSL driver from downloads area on our CUDA on WSL webpage without any sign-in!

We’ve got some container updates for WSL2, so please do check out the release notes in the user guide for details of what is in this edition.

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Windows 11 / Palit GAMING PRO 3070 LHR Grabbed few weeks ago for $1000 from local vendor,

510.06 driver NOT stable so far, multiple black screens, self reboot/crashes.
Returned to 470x driver - stable.

I hope seeing fixes for 500 series soon, as it gave NICE boost on performance score, 3dmark timespy went from 13200 to 13900.

So would LOVE to see what next patch brings in performance on 3dmark and stability!

Thanks Nvidia!

Hi rmarkuze

Could you share more details on when the crash happened and if possible could you share bugcheck report when there is a crash ? And also could you share dxdiag output ?

Glad to learn you were able to experience some good performance.

Any email I can send you the logs to? I will install the driver again to check for the errors…

P.S. If you have any updated 500 series after 510.06 pls send me so I could try it.


Windows update has rolled out 510.10 for insiders

Is there a particular reason why Windows insider drivers (only those from Microsoft’s server) are limited to desktop GPU users since last year?

Wow after update 560.06 My laptop’s the green screen after restart. Now can’t in on windows, if the startup goes green screen. Scare driver v560.06.

Spec: I7:7700HQ, GTX1060, Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22000.194

Check out: