New Debian Stable "Jessie" at Jetson???


New Debian Stable, “Jessie” will arrive next week:
I had problems using L4T drivers with Debian Wheezy, but I think this time it may be easier, since packages versions are quite similar in Jessie than in Ubuntu 14.04…

I still can’t believe there’s no Jetson’s drivers package to use with Debian stable (no news, nor support contact…), but I’ll keep trying… Giving up and using Ubuntu 14.04 (originaly Debian unstable, and with a development cycle finishing in 2019) it’s not a solution for a sustainable embedded system.

What do you think?.. Some dependencies from L4T drivers are…


  • 1.16.4-1 at Debian Jessie
  • 1.15.1 at Ubuntu 14.04


  • 2.19-18
  • 2.19-0ubuntu6.6

Do you believe just backporting xserver will be enough?


I would assume so but I haven’t tried e.g. testing the GStreamer pipelines (without X.Org) on Jessie.

I might be actually quite easy to build a chroot inside the working L4T release to test certain things using Jessie libs without wiping out the working Ubuntu rootfs.

Jessie Xserver didn’t support Linux4Tegra as expected. I finally decided the best option was installing Ubuntu Trusty xserver instead a sid snapshot.

X window system starts, but I need to check it better…

XABI support will be in the next release of L4T.

We do not support Linux OSes other than L4T on the Jetson TK1, but there is a recipe for implementing a rootfs with BusyBox on the eLinux wiki:, this should help for non-L4T distros.