New good render settings found - Tiny problems with multi GPU?

I have found a new good setting & method of rendering CC4 characters in path traced mode:

Full HD resolution
firefly filtering both 20 000
Denoising 0.07
Samples 7
Motion Blur 17
I just keep the realtime rtx optimised version of my character and
render it in PT mode.

See what speed and quality this brings in with my single A6000 (not the latest release, one before):

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We have tested this with out partner Infinite Compute in 4x A4000 GPU setup:
2 sec rendering time!

Samples per pixel per iteration ( useful for multi-GPU ) 2000
All other settings are just same.
This machine is 4x A4000 +20 Cores +32G Mem.

See there is an extra layer of noise, what is causing this and how can I fix this? You can see it on the shadow of a flock of hair at her cheeck.

Is there some elegant setting that is designed to deal with extra noise caused by multi GPU rendering? Or do I just have to raise samples 7 & motion blur 17 to higher?

Here is the same scene rendered with slightly lighter setup:
4x A4000 +16 Cores +32G Mem

This time I tried
Samples per pixel per iteration ( useful for multi-GPU ) 1000
Looks like exactly same, the small noise issue also.
So at least this setting change was not effective on this extra noise issue.

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Hello @pekka.varis! Thanks Pekka! I’ve informed the dev team about the multi-GPU issues!

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