New GPU models due this spring?

Not seen any posts about this so thought to share;

Given that the lovely GTX 1080Ti is so hard to buy these days we could use some new GPU variants. Will be interesting to see what is actually released.

I read today that Turing is supposed to be out in March. But it is not at all clear what Turing actually is. Some seem to think its the architecture for the next generation of consumer GPUs. We should know in about a month :-)

the name Turing sounds a bit like an AI accelerator (the famous Turing test…)

I still think the next gen consumer cards might be called Ampere.

It certainly does, plus past and present GPU architectures were named after physicists, while Turing was a mathematician.

Frankly, I see little point in speculation. Historically, NVIDIA has been tight lipped about future products, and simply starts shipping when new hardware is ready. And a new architecture wouldn’t magically lead to increased production causing GPU prices to return to historical pricing levels.