New GPUs with Compute Capability 1.1 Any new release dates for High-End GPUs?


I’m planning on programming on NVIDIA GPUs with compute capability 1.1. that support the new atomic instructions.

So far only mainstream cards like the 8600 with the G84 have been released.
Will there be a release of a high-end card with compute capability 1.1 in the next couple of months? Like a new 8900 or something.

The 32 SPs on the 8600 aren’t enough for my purposes and the 128 bit DRAM interface isn’t either.

Maybe the NVIDIA guys know something, because i would love to develop my software with atomic instructions.

Hope somebody can help me with some info.

thanks a lot!

We know something, but we can’t talk about unreleased products. Our release schedule is fairly predictable, however.

And there goes my 8800 towards becoming obsolete… :wacko:

ok simon, thanks for the info.

…but don’t let us wait for too long :D

This is all just speculation but Nvidia have recently had the following release strategy

November/December: Release top of the range model

Spring: Release lower end models

I would anticipate a new GPU (probably called G90) in time for Christmas.

Reading between the lines of past Nvidia press releases and comments from employees on the forums:
I would guess at some support for double precision,
at least 256 processors (although the latest ATI board has 320 so they might go to beat that and skip straight to 512 for the equivalent of todays 8800GTX)
1GB of DDR-4 memory with a 512 bit memory bus (probably at about 2GHz)
and a core clock speed around 800MHz

These are all just a guess from me but I would be very surprised if it was a pretty good guess.