New GTS250 only $35

Yes, this isn’t the “Hot Internet Deals Forum” but sometimes it’s really too good not to pass on…

A new GTS250 board for only $35!

This is pretty much identical to a 9800GTX+.
At $35, it’s worth it even if it gathers dust on your shelf as a backup card. It’d also be decent (though overkill) as a display-only card.
You could arguably make some nice Folding@Home boxes with a bunch of these, too.

Thats a pretty good deal! My GTS250 performs as good as a GTX260 on some apps!

GFLOPS/$$ ftw!

Wow, that’s a great deal.

Here’s the Galaxy product page:

One thing to note is that the 9800GTX+ and the GTS250 seem to have really highly clocked CUDA cores. So not only are you getting 128 cores but they’re clocked at 1836MHz vs. a typical 1340MHz – a 37% increase.

Also note that the GTS250 supports “Compute Capability” 1.1.

If you can get it to let you order you better hurry because its a typo. This has been confirmed when I tried to order them it is a typo.

Thanks! I ordered six of them (on two separate accounts).

Aaaand, now they’re gone… So much for the hamster cluster.

hehe :D

Awesome - now my new system has a name! (I’ll have to give you an account.) Except that it won’t be the hamster cluster, it will be the hamster SUPERCOMPUTER!

:bunny: :hamster:

I may luck out… they just charged my credit card for the 3 I ordered. Thinking about it, I wish I had gotten 10, though!

Check your email. I just got the following notice:

I am kind of thinking that I will refuse the package once I see what is inside.

:bunny: :hamster:

They might be Galaxy GTX 480’s: :santa:

If they are, take a picture!


Will do.

A sad day for hamster computing:

I guess $35 GTS250s is a concept ahead of it’s time. Too bad.