new install, cuda error

Any idea what type of error this is and how to fix it? I’ve just installed the newest nvidia drivers for linux and I have everything working, but I haven’t managed to get cuda stuff going yet.

[leiderml@be ~]$ pgfortran -Mcuda cudatest1.f
[leiderml@be ~]$ ./a.out
0: copyout Memcpy (host=0x6a0600, dev=0x400140000, size=32768) FAILED: 6(the launch timed out and was terminated)
[leiderml@be ~]$


Hi Morgan,

the launch timed out and was terminated

This typically means that you’re running a display on this card or have X running and the OS is killing your job to prevent the display from freezing.

Hope this helps,

Currently, if I unplug the monitor from the videocard and attach it to onboard video then start the computer it will stop booting and it tells me “System halted! Attention: Unsupported Video Configuration Detected”, and it tells me to attach the monitor to the videocard and restart. I can’t even ctl + alt + F2 to get to a command prompt at this point. Has anyone had this issue and know how to get around it?

As far as I can tell there’s no way to prevent the videocard from overriding the onboard graphics. I’ll try to dig up a pci videocard to plug in and see if I can get the monitor working on that without plugging into the cuda card.