New install for Jetson TX2 Dev Kit

I need to do a factory reset for my TX2 Dev kit, i.e. flash install the software. I haven’t got a seperate Linux computer (to use SDK manager), only windows’ is there any way around this ?



The flash software does require a desktop PC running Linux. The recovery mode Jetson is a custom USB device, and the USB driver package runs only in Linux (command line flashing works with any desktop Linux). The GUI part of the flash software will itself want Ubuntu 18.04. The Windows Subsystem for Linux will always fail since it does not support loopback.

Some people get a VM to work, but this has a lot of problems and a learning curve. I’ll suggest that if you can add a dual boot Ubuntu 18.04, then this is the easiest path. I suppose you might be able to use an external drive with Ubuntu 18.04, or perhaps a live Ubuntu 18.04 (running only in RAM) could do the job. Just make sure you have plenty of disk space available.