New install ubuntu 19.10 GeForce MX250 falling off bus randomly

Bug report attached, caught via ssh before restart. Fresh install ubuntu 19.10, new Dell Inspiron 5590. Happens randomly but usually within a few minutes of boot.

Edit: as per this thread: disabling c-state control in the BIOS does not fix the problem

Setting power mizer mode to ‘prefer maximum performance’ does solve the problem, however drains the battery incredibly fast.
nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (144 KB)

Please also check if the kernel parameter
helps with that instead of setting it in bios.


I tried this, same problem. Bug report attached from 5.3.0-29 and -26
nvidia-bug-report-cstate-set-k5.3.0-26.log.gz (190 KB)
nvidia-bug-report-cstate-set-k5.3.0-29.log.gz (201 KB)

Seems like very new hardware, some comet lake pci bridges. Not much experience with those,yet.
You could check if upgrading the bios and kernel helps.

Just updated BIOS to latest, same problem. Kernel is latest as per ubuntu repositories. New bug report attached in case it’s any use.
nvidia-bug-report-bios-updated.log.gz (195 KB)