New install won't run/dbg... crt0.c illegal inst... c000001d

I’ve searched the forums… I can’t figure out why this is occurring? The simple “Hello world” example won’t run or debug. I think that the license is configured correctly and it is installed to instructions.

When debugging from VS2010 the pgdbg console window opens then just flashes the cursor until I close it. When I close it the program exits with code 0.

Starting without debug causes a crash…

debug the crash breaks in crt0.c “mainret = (_argc,…)”
Additional info exception code c000001d…

Any ideas???

What Windows version are you using and what processor do you have?

If you have Win7 and a Sandy-Bridge or other AVX enabled processor, be sure to update to Win7 SP1. The original Win7 does not have AVX support and will cause your program to immediately halt. Alternatively, you can target an early processor (i.e. add the “-tp=nehalem-64” flag) so AVX instructions are not produced.

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