New isaac Sim update options

Hi - I have a few python rl programs running ok in IsaacSim 2022.2.1
I presume some of the functionality will break with the update to 2023.1.0?
When you install do you get both versions that can be switched in the launcher or are you stuck with the new version?
Will I be able to downgrade and if so will I lose my work?
cam I still run from the old isaac sim folder?

@sujitvasanth, all versions that you’ve downloaded/installed will be kept in a separate folder and can be accessed via Laucher. you will need to specify which version you’d like to launch; below is how and a quick gif at the end (illustrated are two Isaac Sim versions that i have on my system):

  1. pick the OV app you’d like to launch from under the Library tab of the OV Launcher
  2. click on the setting menu next to the ‘LAUNCH’ button to reveal any other versions found on your system
  3. click on the checkbox to toggle between launch version
  4. you can also uninstall/inspect specific version installation folder via the settings. this is where you’ll find your or python.bat file


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Thank you - I’ve tried this and the dual install/launch works perfectly
@rthaker Please can you try to keep this versioning style in he future roadmap and ensure please that you allow this way of installing and launching allowing all the older versions - this is really helpful

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