New jetson nano, appears to not be functioning properly

hmm, ok. my bad :)

I downloaded the image on 5th May and having the sames issues as mentioned.

PS! I have just formatted the same SD Card and re-flashed the image with Balena Etcher, and started up my second Jetson Nano Devkit (which has not been used before), and the same image on the same SD card works without issue. Setup went smoothly and everything is running fine. No gpu errors in the dmesg logs.

Devkits were bought togheter and are the first batches releases of model A02.

I cannot tell what is the exact date. But this is a different image with the gpu patched merged.

jlerasmus, do you still have an issue on your first jetson nano?

If so, could you share the dmesg? Need to check what is going on.


Herewith the requested dmesg logs.

Please note that this is without the GPU kernel patch. I figured while my second Nano is working I would rather spend the time developing my application than hunting down bugs and compiling kernels.

  • nano-jp44dp-s1p1.log (127.3 KB), nano-jp44dp-s1p2.log (127.3 KB), nano-jp44dp-s1p3.log (127.6 KB) - This is from the Jetpack 4.4 Developer Preview image. These are the same session but at sequential times (I could not pull the logs earlier due to the sluggishness - maybe there is a different way).

  • nano-jp44dp-s2p1.log (106.5 KB) - This is from the same Jetpack 4.4 Developer Preview image, but with a new session and the earliest I could get it.

  • nano-jp43.log (95.8 KB) - This is from the Jetpack 4.3 image on the same SD Card and the same Nano A02.



May I know why do you paste us the log that has no gpu kernel patch?

I asked your log because I thought your first Nano is not working even with the gpu patch. Why not try this new sdcard image?

May I ask where the SD card image with the patched kernel can be found?

The link you pasted in #21 should be the image with kernel patched.


I have:

  • Downloaded the latest image from
  • Confirmed the checksum on my downloaded file to match EBDF7B0FFDB3539606C654105466F956 (my initial image with GPU issue has a checksum of 8CF36D838FE199EC7BEF5F618B7C0AEF)
  • Formatted and flashed my SD Card with Balena Etcher
  • Started up my Nano-1 (model A02) with the newly flashed image, went though the configuration steps, rebooted itself and everything seems to be running smooth.
  • I have confirmed that there are no errors with dmesg (for reference: nano-jp44dp-fixed.log (94.7 KB))

Thanks @WayneWWW and all relevant.