New Jetson TX wifi signal problem

Hi guys, could someone who can I help me about this issue? This week I just received my TX2, but when I boot it and found out that the Ubuntu desktop built-in tx2 with a very weak wifi scanning, almost no way to find any wifi albeit they all can be easily found out under win10 and macOS at the same place. Similarly, my MacBook pro also installed Ubuntu 16.04 LTS as the linux Host to tx2, but the same weak wifi signal detecting issue. At present, I have no way to connect to internet and no ethernet cable provided to me in my apartment.

Does antenna connect by default?


Fresh install on TX2, having network issues off the get go. Even went and fixed the /etc/network/interfaces file to try to get a wired connection going (along with many other approaches in the forums) My TX2 is brand new. Wired and Wireless connections should work out of the box after install on the TX2, no?

A wired connection receives an IP but I cannot ping anything but the local host on eth0.

A wifi connection on wlan0 gets caught in an authentication loop (credentials were correct) or can’t connect at all (weak wifi issue?)

The default installer is using the Tegra186_Linux_R27.0.1_aarch64.tbz2.

At this point I am considering putting the latest binaries on it.

If anyone sees this and has some suggestions I am all ears.

Wired does generally just work out of the box. Everything below is about wired, I avoid WiFi.

However, you might be running into a router issue where the router is not setting up DNS (name-to-IP address service). An example test is that one of NVIDIA’s addresses is, and if you can ping this, then DHCP and wired has been set up correctly and the router responded:


If this works, and you cannot succeed with this, then it is a DNS setup issue (which is separate and different):


Either way there may be issues with the router and not necessarily with the Jetson. You’ll probably want to see the router logs to see if a DHCP request was made…after that security on your router might be rejecting the Jetson, e.g., some routers have to know the MAC address is to be allowed.

What is the output of “ifconfig”?