New Laptop Recommendation: CUDA - programming

Hi all,

I am looking for a new laptop for CUDA - programming. It obviously should have a Nvidia graphics card (Geforce prefered over Quadro) and lots of RAM (8-16GB and 3-4GB on graphics card). Since it seems still to be rather complicated to get Nvidia drivers working on some Linux laptops, I am wondering if it makes sense at all to go for a Laptop for CUDA developement?

Has anybody got experience in getting the CUDA toolkit running on a current Linux laptop and/or can give me a recommendation?


I have one of these and it is awesome. CUDA-Z shows 3.4 Teraflops 32 bit, and it scored over 8,100 onPassMark - G3D Mark test.

The problem you will have is the linux requirement, as the Nvidia drivers tend to be better for Windows 7/8.

You probably would be best off configuring a dual-boot system, with Ubuntu and the installed Win 8.1