New nforce drivers

Currently I own a i680 chipset (asus striker). Now when I install with the latest 9.53 drivers I see that some components are not installed. All my sata+ide are standard. Also DualNet I can’t see with the configuration screen. :/

I’ve read somewhere that these drivers don’t optimize the i680 chipset. Now that installed them I can see the don’t. Also acceleration I don’t see @ all. With booting in windows with my old nforce 2 I have 2 logo bars and it loads into windows. These drivers I have more then 6 so it’s really clean to me there not ready for the i680 chipset. Also I see @ 1 component 550/570/590 compatible so no i680. :thumbsdown:

Here comes my question. When will there be good quality Nforce drivers available for the i680 chipset? Anybody has an indication on that?

I am gratefull for any responces :yes:

mmmmm it seems that I’ve added this post to the wrong part of the forum. It should be added to hardware/nforce motherboards.

Could a admin please move this topic please? I am deeply sorry for my mistake. :">