New nvstreammux + padding


I’d like to use the new nvstreammux, but the capability to do scale and padding was removed compared to the old nvstreammux.

According to the documentation:

In this scenario, DeepStream recommends adding nvvideoconvert + capsfiler before each nvstreammux sink pad (enforcing same resolution and format of all sources connecting to new nvstreammux). This ensure that the heterogeneous nvstreammux batch output have buffers of same caps (resolution and format).

The thing is that I’d like to reproduce the same behaviour that add-padding was doing with streammux.
Any advice of how to do it? I tried to play with nvvideoconvert and src-crop dest-crop and a capsfilter, but I’m not able to get the same behaviour.


I succeeded in doing it, playing with dest-crop and capsfilter, but I had to make some calculation knowing the original resolution, is there a way I could do it without calculating pixels for dest-crop?
My goal is to say I want an homogeneous input for nvstreammux at 1920x1080, maintaining the aspect-ratio, no matter the input resolution.

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If so, the old nvstreammux is for your case.

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