New partition table on production module emmc

We are in need of a specific set of application partitions (APP/rootfs + 4 additional ones, all ext4), in addition we need control over or information of where these are placed on the emmc. We are populating the root filesystem with a custom linux tree (not L4T) and kernel. We’ve successfully manage to get everything to run correctly by modifying to generate an sdcard-image with our partitions but it is not obvious how to make the same partition table changes to a production module and flash them.
Currently we’re investigating using a modified board-config and partition_table xml, but it is unclear if this is the preferred way to go.
Cloning, as described here: - only seems to modify the (single) APP partition and leaves no apparent way to modify the partition table.

What is the recommended way to achieve this?

hello bogdanvgnnv,

here are default partition layouts, you may check below board configuration files for reference,

please also access developer guide, Partition Configuration, if you would like to have customization.