New record for CUDA usage in GIS

Hi everybody,

This went out on the wire Monday, so I thought folks here might be interested in it…

I know that multi-GPU usage is routine for many of us, but using this many processors in a commercial GIS application is genuinely a new thing. Also interesting is the heterogeneous parallelism in play, not just utilizing many threads in the CPU to dispatch into the GPUs but more interestingly that a job can be dispatched into multiple different types of GPU (say, a mixed system with both G100 and G200 series GPUs). Anticipating in advance the next question… the machine was running Windows XP x64.

I hope this helps anyone who needs to convince their management that the time is NOW to make a serious investment in leveraging CUDA. [Well… anyone except our competitors, that is! :-) ]

Nice announcement! There is a typo in the “Why is the hardware used so inexpensive?” answer. You refer to the GTX 285 as having 480 stream processors when you mean the GTX 295.

Very nice… thanks for the info…

I was wondering whether you can shed some light on what I’ve asked in a previous thread:

regarding the amount of CPU cores vs the GPUs on the system.

I see that you’ve launched more CPU threads then CPU cores and wondered if you didnt see performance degragation due to this configuration?

I still didnt get the machine with 4 295 with 1 dual CPU to test, but I tested 2 295 with a quad and with a dual CPU… I did see some 20-30% performance lost

when using the dual CPU (i.e. two GPUs working on one CPU core)



Thanks for the note! The typo is fixed now.


I visited the thread and I don’t have anything to add to the comment that the number of CPU cores does not control the number of GPUs you can use.