new release 5.0 making problem

well, i’ve just download and installed the preview of cuda sdk 5.0… when i’m trying to make the cuda samples, when the compiler arrive to Mandlebroat code stop witha an error. it can’t find a file named libGLEW.a that should be stored in …/…/C/common/lib/linux/i386… and of course it can’t find it, the i386 folder does not exist, there are only 2 folder, named i686 and x86_64, both with a different libGLEW.a file… so, if i create a folder named i386 and copying the file contained in i686 folder, make works fine but Mandlebroat exe crashes all the system and if i copy the x86_64 file the make says that it need a i386 file and not a x86_64 like i’ve tried to give it… i just send a mail to nvidia support to sign those problem, but i want to ask you too… of course my system is 32 bit