New release Jetson4.4 failed to start

board: Xavier (NX)

  1. flash Jetson4.4 image to TF card
  2. It can start and login desktop
  3. sudo apt update
  4. sudo apt upgrade
  5. sudo reboot

After step 3 and 4, cannot start NX( NO login GUI, no any graph… just saw the cursor blinks…

I have tried THREE times flash image and then update… cannot start NX… if didn’t update, it works well.

I have been using NX for two months and it worked well. Just encountered this problem this week.

Thanks for your help!

The same thing happened to me, exactly.
I got another card with the latest image and that works fine.
I got a card reader attached to Xavier and recovered what I needed from the previous installation (card).
I hope it helps. When I learn more, I will also be able to help more.

There is two people in my FB group with same issue, but maybe updating from apt

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Please check this link for solution.

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Thank you chaitanya.maniar! I got it.

Thank you WayneWWW! I got it.