New RTX 2070 super Heating issues

I recently purchased an RTX 2070 super on 26.08.20, and got it delivered on 28.08.20. After using it for a few days, I have realised that there is a recurring thermal issue with my card. Whenever I attempt to run a game or any graphcis intensive application, the temperatures are crossing 80 degrees after a while, and only keep increasing further and also reducing the clock speeds. I do not feel comfortable subjecting this brand new card to such degree of thermal wear and tear, thereby reducing its efficacy and performance in the foreseeable future, and it’s also subsequently unnecessarily heating up the rest of the components in my pc. Since I am still within the 10 days return policy of my country’s nvidia store, as given in under the Returns and Exchange section, and I would like to return this card and apply for a refund.

I was directed by the support team at to make a post regarding the issue here, and I am hence doing so. Sincerely hoping I can eventually avail the service as this is of paramount importance of me to get back my money for a card having inadequate thermal and acoustic performance, as described earlier,