New sdkmanager ( browser login

The new sdkmanager ( is logging in via a browser interface that comes with the most annoying captcha of all times. It does not remember my login. So every time I start sdkmanager (which is often) I am forced to label for Google or whoever.
Seriously please revert that.

Hi manthey,

SDK Manager includes “ Stay logged in ” option which is enabled in both GUI and CLI. This will streamline the login process into SDK Manager (after the first login).

The “Stay logged in” option only works if this is a fresh install of SDK Manager 1.3.1. It doesn’t work if this is an upgrade of SDK Manager from old version. We’ll fix the bug in future releases. If you are upgrading SDK Manager from old version, please run the following bash commands as a workaround to make “Stay logged in” work.

sudo apt install sqlite3
sqlite3 -batch ~/.nvsdkm/sdkm.db “ALTER TABLE user_profile ADD COLUMN clientToken TEXT; ALTER TABLE user_profile ADD COLUMN sub TEXT”