New to Nvidia GPU Programing


I am very new to developing application using GPU.

I want to create one application with some facial and geographic SDK/tools.

Can any one please suggest me, from where I can start development, which SDK/tool I can use and what are the prerequisites for my first app.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Amit86,

GVDB and OptiX would be your best options for facial and geographic tools. Check out these following links:

Ryan Park

Thanks Ryan,

Appreciated your help. These links will answered my few questions, but its relay helpful to me if I can get any link or anything that will let me guide about from where I can start?

Do I have to buy first GPU box?

Which programing language I have to have learn first; I know C and C++ but anything else required?

Where can I get any basic training about how to use SDK and all?

There are much more question in mind right now but its batter to start something so will reach somewhere.

Thanks in advance.