New TX1 Hours to boot

Hello all,

We just received a TX1 last week and it seemed to not boot up. It would show indicator LEDs (SOC and PWR) but no display. We RMAd it and received another this week. It appeared to have the same problem, however; after leaving it unattended for several hours, more than 3, I noticed it had actually booted up (cmd prompt appeared). I reset it, thinking it was maybe a first time boot up issue but once again, it took several hours to display the cmd prompt. This time I followed the instructions to install the display drivers with the hope that this was the source of the problem. However, the issue persists.

What could be some troubleshooting steps I could take to resolve/diagnose this?


See this:

Note that GUI access requires the nVidia-specific hardware access files. There may be timeouts before seeing a text prompt. A serial console is highly recommended for any development: