new TX2 developer Kit + old JetPack


When old JetPack(3.0) is installed to the new TX2 Developer Kit, which means shipped within 2 months recently,
any expected side-effects?

Because some devices like Ethernet are not activated or worked slightly different.


Hi ddpx2,

Can you explain why you want to use JetPack-3.0?
The latest version is JetPack-4.2 (r32.1), suggest you can use the latest JetPack.

Hi Carol,

A customer developed some solutions using TX2 Development Kit and applied to the field.
Therefore same software is required.
Not enough time to port the SW into the new TX2 development Kit.

Now, WiFi works well, but Ethernet on TX2 module is not activated.
And additional PCE-e GbE card works as well.


Please use jetpack3.3. Jetpack3.0 is rel-27.1 which is just a development preview.


This customer has several versions of TX2 developer kits and runs same Jetpack 3.0.
Even last Dec purchased products work well.
Only this version TX2 developer kits make issues, then I would like to ask any differences there are.
And how to resolve .

carrier board: 135-0733-001 R3
TX2 Module: 699-83310-1000-D00 E


Wayne and Carol,

I found this thread and it makes it!