New version gstreamer in NANO

The nano rootfs based on ubuntu 18.04 and will not upgrade to 20.

Gstreamer is most important framework on jetson platform. The official version is 1.14 .on ubuntu 18.04, And Nvidia provide binary plugins for Gstreamer is also V1.14.
Gstreamer V1.14 released in 3 years ago. There are many improvment and bug fixes in new version V1.18.

We can build the new version gstreamer in ubuntu 18.04, But we can not upgrade the NV plugins to new version.

Is there a way to using new version gstreamer in NANO?

Thanks for your help!

We have plan to upgrade gstreamer version for Xavier platforms in future release(s). For Jetson Nano, the version will stay in 1.14.5.

That’s really bad news.
Our application met bugs, And we found it fixed in new version gstreamer.
But we can do nothing if without NV new version plugins.

Would you like provide the V1.18 NV plugins for non-support?
We really appreciate for your help!

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