Newb help needed with CUDA Apps freezing while using CUDA drivers

I installed the CUDA 177.55 drivers for the purpose of folding using the Nvidia GPU client.

The system folds great using this driver, and has been very stable, however, certain multiplayer games will not run. (Crysis and COD4) The single player seem to run fine. The game starts and then very shortly locks up hard.

I unistalled the CUDA driver and went back to the forceware drivers and everything works fine so I believe the issue is with the CUDA driver.

My system:
AMD 5000+ black OC to 3.15 gig
MSI k9A2 platinum
Duorb cooler on the video card, temps no higher than 50C, usually around 43.
2 Gig Corsair XMS PC-6400
ABS Tagan 800W power supply
Windows XP SP3

I tried installing the 177.35 drivers, but got the same error posted elsewhere in these forums. Ths solution of using a modified file did not work for me either.

Can anybody help with this problem? I would like to keep folding with the GPU client, but I would also like to game on occasion. Is there a way to set up different profiles to keep both drivers installed? Any theories on why it seems that multiplayer is the only thing affected? That might indicate CPU load, but looking at taks manager I can’t find anything.

The problem occurs whether I have the folding clients running or not.