Newbie just want to confirm parts before buying

Hi, small SOHO so on a tight budget. This is the plan:

  • 2x MCX354A-FCBT nics
  • Cisco QSFP-H40G-ACU10M 40G QSFP+ Active Direct Copper cable (used)
  • arch linux on workstation
  • ubuntu or some debian on gpu server
  • IPoIB

Using for:

  • high performance remote desktop
  • file sharing

Does this sound right? Specifically is the cable the right one?

Next question will be howto configure properly once it all arrives.


Hi Willy,

MCX354A-FCBT is ConnectX-3 VPI NIC, means it can work with Infiniband & Ethernet.

Therefore, IPoIB is supported.

For validated and supported cables, you can check the release notes of the latest firmware:

Please note that Cisco QSFP-H40G-ACU10M 40G QSFP was not tested this NIC+firmware.

For supported OS versions and platforms, please refer to MLNX_OFED (driver) user manual:




How sensitive is the compatibility issue? The compatibility list has only 2 AOC cables (1)

, however there is a better priced option that is one of your own cables:

Mellanox MC2206310-015 AOC

Am I safe in ordering this?

All these cables conform to standards so I would expect there to be very little if any incompatibility. Is there something unique about higher speed networking that makes standardization difficult?


Mellanox MC2210310-XXX