Newbie looking help


I’m looking at getting an Nvidia Jetson Nano, have a few ideas for it and not sure how to start.

one of the ideas is I want to create a charging hub for a device, the device doesn’t have any real indicator of how much it is charged or when it is fully charged, it has a small white light on the back of it but I want to have a screen that will display the battery percentage or even whenever it is no longer charging.

I’m not sure this is something that can be done and the jetson nano is probably over kill for this but thats just one of my ideas and also wanting to do facial recognition with the jetson and few other bits so will be repurposed to show working demos.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

The function of having a charging hub would need other users to share experience. There is no existing implementation in default releases.

For face recognition, you can check DeepStream SDK:
NVIDIA DeepStream SDK Developer Guide — DeepStream 5.1 Release documentation

The default models are for object detection. You can replace with face recognition model and try.

This isn’t specific, but often, if you are interested in some USB information on how to do various “USB things”, you can go straight to Their document library search is here, and I’ve added the search term “charging”:

The document there which you might find of interest is the “Battery Charging v1.2 Spec and Adopters Agreement”:

That contains several documents, and although this is probably a lot of searching to find what you want, the particular document within this, “Battery Charging Specification” likely has at least some useful information (the spec is not about Jetsons or Linux, but is specific to the hardware…and likely you need to add at least some small amount of hardware for any charger).