Newbie question about Cuda

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I have a very newbie question about Cuda. If we ask the GPU to track an object on a binary image. Is it possible to ask the CPU to do other stuff in the meanwhile with the previous positions of the blob given by the GPU.

I need to predict the trajectory of a thrown ball the application has to be fast to get at least 30 fps. I was wondering therefore if it could be possible to track the ball with the GPU and make trajectory prediction calcul with the CPU in the meanwhile.

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From my understanding of Cuda, you should be able to do this. cudaDeviceSynchronize() forces the GPU and CPU to synchronize with each other, so before running this command, your CPU should be able to perform other calculations as the GPU is running. I’m not entirely aware if running the GPU and CPU simultaneously has an impact on runtime of either however.

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Thank you very much for that fast answer ryutok